With our new website online we thought its time to introduce ourselves to you! We at Nameydo designs are outsourcing specialists for all areas of Graphic Design and Software development. In a nutshell we allow high quality work and affordable pricing in the B2B and B2C sector.


Combining Entrepreneurship with our technical solutions!

Our mission is to allow anyone to become an entrepreneur! We combine your vision with our technical solutions. You have an awesome idea and know how to run a business but are simply lacking the technical aspects ? Thats where we come in , we provide you with all the necessary technical infrastructure ( Website, logo etc) that you require to start up your business.

We offer a wide range of services from prototypes to explainer videos to find a custom and affordable solution for your specific case. You can read up on some Case studies ( AMLAN LINK TO PLAYERS) to see how we approached several clients and their specific situations.

We are different than most marketing agencies, we allow you to be the entrepreneur , we simply supply the elements that you cannot create yourself. For example, you are a hairdresser and do not know much about websites, no worries we will set up your website and create a backend that allows anyone to make changes to the website itself. CASE STUDY LINK TO NORA This is just one specific case, there are no limitations if you can image it we can decide it.


Our aim ?

People often have great ideas but often are discouraged by the technical requirements, we want to put an end to this and let entrepreneurs be entrepreneurs. You take care of the business side of things and we will be your extended Design/IT department!

If you have an idea and no idea where to go with it , come to us 😉 !